Basic Research

Nephrology and Hypertension Basic Research  

Christopher Wilcox and William Welch’s Laboratory:

  • Pathophysiology of renovascular hypertension.
  • Mechanism of renal adaptation to high salt intake.
  • Role of nitric oxide and oxidative stress in regulation of blood pressure, kidney function and single nephron glomerular filtration rate.
  • Mechanisms of progressive loss of kidney funtion in models of chronic kidney disease.
  • Role of isoprostanes, adenosine and vasoconstrictor prostaglandins in tubuloglomerular feedback and hypertension.
  • Regulation of renal oxygenation by angiotensin and TP-receptors.
  • Studies of the isolated perfused renal afferent arterioles and mesenteric resistance vessels.
  • Renal myogenic and autoregulatory responses.
  • Signal by microRNAs. 

Kathryn Sandberg's Laboratory:

  • Interaction of estrogens and sex hormones with the renin angiotensin system.
  • G protein-coupled receptors.
  • Ligand recognition.
  • Post-transcriptional regulation.